drake stoppin the game to see if the ladies in the crowd are being treated well


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8 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Legally Blonde

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Stages of Grief


nobody hates degrassi more than degrassi fans do

Manny: Fine, I’m stupid. I’m an idiot. I do everything wrong. Now can I get my damn phone?
Jay: Look at what this guy’s done to you!

When you truly love someone,
you do not give up.
You do not give up on your best friend,
your family,
your loved one.
You just don’t.

Someone once told me
that you can’t leave someone
when they need you the most
and come back into their life
when they have mended.

I almost walked away from you
because I was tired of being the only one
doing the fixing.
But I realized that
right now, you are a broken ceramic vase
and I held the glue.
I am the only one you trust enough
to put back the pieces.

So I cannot give up on you.
I will not give up on you.

—Ming D. Liu “A poem for my best friend - please do not give up on yourself.” (via triste—besitos)





YES.YES.YES. People need to realise this 

This belongs more on Facebook than it does on tumblr.

i think you’re missing out on some of tumblr then… but it should be on facebook too, it should be on every social media site!

This is important.

Semma meme: Sean and Emma + Romance Tropes